Saturday, June 12, 2021

40FINGERS PageLanguage module demo website

This website demonstrates the use of the PageLanguage module.

The module allows you to force a page into a certain language / locale essentially overwriting the DNN local set for the portal.
This is especially useful for sites where a limited number of pages is in a different language.


I created a page for English, German and Dutch on this website to demonstrate the use of the module.
The other module used in this example is Helferlein_Form, a great forms module, which supports both localization of the form fields and "static localization".
I put a clone of the module on each language's page, but you could also use seperate modules on each page.

Helferlein_Form is open source and is available on codeplex.

Timo Breumelhof, 40FINGERS.NET

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